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How to use this site


James Font is your special agent to investigate a smart world of freeware and shareware TTF (truetype) fonts.


My database provides about 1.000 fonts and you are able to filter them by style: Change the preview options at the left side to filter serif or sans serif fonts, block or handwritten scripts and regular or italic style.


You are also able to change the preview text and the number of shown fonts per page.


Place your most wanted fonts at the showcase by clicking the -button at the search results. Later you can pick out your favourites by switching into the showcase-menu.



Why another font page?


This project is totally free of commercial banners and other advertisings. I was looking for a fast, flexible and easy-to-use free-font-collection to search for fonts for my other web projects, but the most sites are ad-overloaded, slow or don't have advanced preview options. So I built my own one.






Copyright advice:

To the best of my knowledge, all provided fonts are free- or shareware (for details, see the txt-file in the zip-archive ot the font). Unfortuneately some people are distributing commercial fonts as self-made. If you find any such font in this database, please write me an e-mail. I will remove it immerdiately. Thanks!